" I truly believe in the connectivity of souls, that our humanly vibrations pick up on and are drawn to what our character needs and desires. While some connections last a lifetime some vibes were only meant to flow through our souls to give our life force a different purpose, to literally change our electrical movement and to reorganize our energy. Intuition is REAL, follow your own frequency and listen carefully to your heart. "

                        -Christiene Cusworth

My name is Christiene and I am my families story teller. I'm a Mama to three beautiful girls, twins and a big sister and a wife to my amazing, supportive and oh so sarcastic husband. They inspire me to be the photographer I am today and continue to keep my creative juices flowing. 

    Lifestyle photography truly makes my heart beat a little faster. This is solely the reason why I specialize in unposed, authentic photography. These sessions allow my clients to include their fur babies, nostalgic pieces in their home, and most importantly a feeling of comfort in their own familiar environment. I think this type of photography speaks to me so loudly because this is where it all began in my journey with my camera. I wanted to remember every detail, every crooked smile and all of my babies tiny toes and chubby little fingers and all of the hugs, kisses and cuddles in between. This is what I want to create for you, a memory. Sweet, genuine interactions between families that they will have stilled in time.





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